AIMS International Completes 60’​ Freespan Frp Bridge

Custom Freespan FRP Bridge built for Delaware State ParkThe bridge was completed the first week of December on time and on a budget. Disassembly commenced the week following final assembly. All parts were fabricated as per our engineering manufacturing drawings with no field drilling occurring during the build. This, along with consistent QA/QC checks, allows for exact duplication of hole placement from part to part, making for efficient field assembly. “Better to do it right in a controlled environment than to struggle in the field.” Precise penetration placement eliminates the need for assembly labeling. Only the parts need labeling for field reconstruction. The bridge arrived in Delaware where a team of state park volunteers assisted with the offloading of the structure. A full inventory was taken to ensure that the hundreds of FRP components and all hardware were accounted for. The team took several trips on foot and ATV packing the lightweight parts to the ravine crossing site where they began the erection sequence. The AIMS International Engineering, Project Management, and QA/QC Teams did an incredible job turning this bridge around with amazing results. Job well-done team.