Headshot of AIMS CEO Kinton Lawler at the facility



Mr. Kinton Lawler currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer at AIMS Composites, showcasing his leadership in the field. His professional journey, rooted in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, commenced with numerous years of dedicated service at Oceaneering. Over the course of his career, he has seamlessly transitioned through engineering and management roles, leaving a lasting mark on the industry. Notably, Mr. Lawler has played a significant role in the development of several AIMS Composites products, contributing to their patents and enhancing their utility within the sector. He is an alumnus of the University of Texas at San Antonio, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a testament to his technical prowess and commitment to excellence in his field.



Account Manager

Gaines Sumrall is a highly experienced Oil & Gas industry professional with over two decades of experience since 2001. He has held various international roles, including Sales and Service Manager in Brazil, Operations Manager in Thailand, Area Operations Coordinator for Southeast Asia, and Country Operations Coordinator in Brunei, showcasing his adaptability and leadership skills across diverse cultural and operational landscapes. Notably, Gaines's expertise includes his role as a Thermal Desorption Unit Operator in Holland, where he played a crucial role in designing and implementing innovative projects, such as vacuum systems for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries. His groundbreaking Off Rig Cuttings Disposal System for Brunei Shell, later adopted by Woodside in Australia, highlights his ability to think outside the box and drive industry innovation. With strengths in Operations Management, Project Management, and Safety, Gaines is a valuable asset for organizations in the dynamic Oil & Gas sector.


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