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AIMS International has emerged as a leader in several areas of the offshore oil and gas industry.

Most recently, AIMS has developed a vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression product line consisting of vortex strakes and fairings designed to eliminate the effects of vortex induced vibration on deep water tendons, risers, umbilical, etc. AIMS has acquired the most complete set of test data to support its VIV suppression product design, and is currently working as part of Deep Star, an industry wide R&D project investigating the causes of and solutions to vortex induced vibration.

When it comes to ROV installable strakes and fairings, no other company can match the abilities of AIMS International. AIMS worked with Oceaneering to develop the most efficient array of “ROV-Friendly” strakes and fairings in the industry.

AIMS International has also emerged as the offshore oil & gas industry leader in engineering design, fabrication and installation of fiberglass structural systems. Designing and constructing corrosion-resistant, lightweight and maintenance-free structures is key to meeting the needs of the deepwater offshore industry. Platforms, stairs, ladders, handrails and other structures that are conventionally built in steel can be constructed by AIMS in FIBERGLASS. AIMS is a financially strong, privately owned company, and is considered an engineering leader in the field of structural fiberglass.

For over 25+ years, AIMS has also lead the industry in offshore platform rendering systems. Our energy cells, rubstrips, and other barge bumper products are the most requested by engineers writing specifications for offshore platforms.

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