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AIMS MASH TL-4 Stainless Steel Reinforced FRP Life Rail System offers excellent unidirectional strength, corrosion resistance, and electrically non-conductive. This product has been developed to meet and surpass specific requirements set by MASH Standards and is particularly suited for highly corrosive environments (such as bridges over water). It offers extended life and eliminates periodic maintenance and replacement costs making it the preferred alternative to conventional steel railing.


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AIMS MASH TL-4 Stainless Steel Reinforced FRP Life Rail System is a proprietary system that is a strong durable rail which is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and lasts longer than it's steel counterparts. It is the first MASH TL-4 certified retrofit bridge rail system of it's kind. AIMS Railing is perfect for bridges as it is more flexible than normal steel which helps the Life Rail lessen the impact of accidents and potentially save lives. AIMS stands behind it's products; in over 35 years working with companies such as Chevron, Shell, BP, Hess, Marathon and more, AIMS has never had a warranty claim or any failure of our products. Stainless Steel Reinforced Polymer is designed to be durable, strong, and survive in harsh environments where it will outlast normal steel.

• MASH TL-4 crash test approved
• 100% electrically non-conductive
• 100% corrosion resistant
• Material color throughout the product
• Can be manufactured in any color
• Does not spark when impacted by steel
• 3 x the lifespan of galvanized steel
• UV stable
• 316L or galvanized steel posts
• Better energy absorption performance over steel
• Weight of AIMS Rail System is over 2/3 lighter than complete steel
• Higher return on investment than steel



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