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AIMS and Delta Composites, LLC, are partners in the manufacture of molded fiberglass gratings. AIMS’ Talon™ System has been developed and patented by AIMS International for the purpose of mechanically fixing the fiberglass grating system to the framing members of an offshore platform which are subjected to wave action. This attachment system has been designed to withstand the extreme forces exerted by storm waves, including hurricanes and typhoons.


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AIMS is the leading supplier of molded fiberglass gratings to the offshore oil & gas industry. AIMS and its sister company, Delta Composites, LLC, jointly own the intellectual property and the manufacturing of both the molded and pultruded fiberglass grating products. The molded fiberglass grating product is sold as DeltaGrate HS Molded Fiberglass Grating. (HS is an acronym for “high strength”.) Our manufacturing process utilizes a proprietary manufacturing technique that allows us to introduce more glass rovings into the laminate.

Essentially, a fiberglass grating consists of two components–fiberglass rovings and resin. The glass provides the strength, and the resin provides the resistance to the environment (i.e., the corrosion resistance, the UV resistance, the impact resistance, etc.). The higher the glass-content, the stiffer the grating. As a result of the higher glass content, DeltaGrate HS Molded Fiberglass Gratings are the stiffest of any molded grating manufacturer.

Why has AIMS become the leading supplier of fiberglass grating systems to the offshore industry? The TALON™ System!! The Talon System is a patented 316 stainless steel “wavezone attachment system” designed to restrain the molded fiberglass grating system–even when subjected to hurricane/typhoon wave action. AIMS provides a “washout warranty” on all of its offshore wave zone installations. If AIMS has provided the engineering design of the system and a final inspection after the platform’s installation offshore, AIMS will provide labor and materials to reinstate the platform to its original structural integrity at no charge if a wave of any source “washes out” the fiberglass grating if certain conditions are met. Please contact our offices for details of this warranty.

DeltaGrate Molded Gratings provide:

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: With a variety of resins at our disposal, AIMS can provide chemical resistance to caustics and acids.

LIGHTER THAN STEEL: AIMS/DeltaGrate HS Molded Fiberglass Gratings are one third to one half the weight of steel gratings while offering the same stiffness

IMPACT RESISTANCE: Our gratings possess better impact resistance than steel gratings and meet the requirements of ASTM 695-79 (1985) as established by the Fiberglass Grating Council (USA).

FIRE RETARDANT: All AIMS DeltaGrate HS Molded Gratings are designed to achieve a minimum of a Class 1 Flame Spread Rating in accordance with the ASTM E84 Tunnel Test (comparable to UL 723, ANSI/NFPA No. 255, and UBC No. 8-1). We can vary the E84 Flame Spread Rating of any product to comply with the specific project requirements.

NON-SKID RESISTANCE: All AIMS DeltaGrate Molded Gratings possess the most positive anti-slip characteristics on the market. The non-skid characteristic is provided by a concave meniscus contour on the top of the bearing bars or by a secondary application of silica grit.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Install it and forget about it. It will not rust!!!

Other positive features include: • Electrically and thermally non-conductive • Easy to cut and install • UV resistant