VIV Suppression Products

AIMS provides a full line of vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression products to the offshore oil and gas industry. This product line consists of both strakes and fairings. All of AIMS’ VIV suppression product designs are backed by full scale tank testing with Reynolds Numbers (Re) ranging from the low 1,000s to ~2,000,000.

AIMS molds polyethylene into VIV suppression products allowing tight manufacturing tolerances, low drag coefficients, and high efficiency in VIV elimination.

The strake product line consists of S-Lay, J-Lay and Reel-Lay designs, as well as our patented ROV-friendly design.

  • Standard and Patended ROV-Friendly


    AIMS fixed-fin vortex strakes are designed for ease of installation and are custom manufactured to project specifications. The strakes can be installed via S-lay, J-Lay and Reel-Lay, as well as our patented ROV-friendly design.

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  • Standard and Patended ROV-Friendly ADFS


    The patented AIMS Dual-finned Flow Splitter (ADFS) fairings are used to suppress vortex-induced vibrations in any region of a steel catenary riser (SCR), drilling riser, or structural tendons. The ADFS is an alternative to the conventional “tear-dropped” fairing and is more stable and efficient at reducing drag and vortex induced vibration (VIV).

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