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AIMS International is a world leader in offshore vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression, engineered fiberglass structural systems, and platform dock fendering systems. Since 1982, AIMS has been the leader in supplying, engineering, and fabricating fiberglass grating and structural systems. AIMS supplies a full line of platforms, dock fenders, fiberglass signs, vortex breakers, VIV suppression products, blast panels, and mudmats. In addition, we are a leading supplier of fiberglass handrail and stair systems, as well as other specialty fiberglass products.

AIMS prides itself on its ability to take the customer project from the initial design and engineering phase to the implementation and installation of the finished product.

In an effort to continually improve services, AIMS actively seeks expansion opportunities within the United States and in overseas markets. In 1993, we purchased Teledyne Monarch Rubber’s platform fender product line, moved the product tooling to Houston, and began manufacturing and marketing a platform fender product line, i.e., energy cells, rubstrips, and barge bumpers. In 2017, AIMS began fabrication aluminum structures and handrails.

To market our products and services around the world, AIMS forms partnerships with local companies in various countries, including Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Brazil, and Mexico. Everywhere there is offshore oil and gas, you will find AIMS International.


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