Project Engineer or Project Manager

Job Title: Project Engineer or Project Manager
Department: Manager Sales & Engineering & Project Manager
Reports To: Manager Sales & Engineering & Project Manager
FLSA Status: Exempt
Prepared By: Rodney H. Masters, P.E.
Prepared Date: February 22, 2008
Approved By: Randy W. Masters
Approved Date: February 22, 2008


Individual estimates, plans, designs, and directs engineered projects on behalf of AIMS. These projects typically will include fiberglass and steel structures for the offshore oil and gas industry, or VIV Suppression products for the same. Incumbent is responsible for all aspects of the project, from design, estimating, drafting, in-shop fabrication or management of subcontractors, and installation offshore.


Incumbent performs, or causes to have performed, necessary engineering calculations to design fiberglass and/or steel structures, and/or VIV Suppression products, prepares fabrication / manufacturing estimates (labor and materials), oversees the development of the construction / manufacturing drawings, purchasing of materials of construction / manufacturing, oversees the fabrication / manufacturing, and if necessary, the installation.

Incumbent coordinates with sales, customer contacts and design staff; prepares estimates of cost, time and other details associated with production and delivery of products; prepares Bills of Materials and custom orders; uses database and supplier information to assure detail; prepares production schedules, performs "to spec" Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Incumbent interfaces with customers requesting information regarding an in-house project or quotations. Ensure that all quotes are properly issued, logged and documented with complete distributions as required.

Incumbent uses computer software and equipment to prepare estimates and project documents. Incumbent also uses engineering design software to perform the necessary engineering calculations or causes the engineering calculations to be performed by others.

Incumbent is to order all job related materials, expedite as needed, coordinates deliveries to augment the completion of projects to satisfy customer driven delivery requirements. Incumbent ensures that all orders are properly placed, confirmed and entered through proper accounting procedures.

Incumbent coordinates with Production Supervisor or Manufacturer to ensure projects progress on schedule and within prescribed budget.


Incumbent supervises and/or performs Engineer/Estimator and Drafting staff.


The candidate should possess the ability to perform calculations, or manage the performance of another's calculations using whatever means necessary and should be able to determine the states of stress, allowable stresses, and size members accordingly, or at a minimum, understand the concept of states of stress, allowable stresses and member sizing. It is desirable that the candidate have a Bachelor of Science degree in an Engineering discipline, however AIMS Management can waive this requirement in certain instances. Prior engineering work experience is a plus, but not necessary. The candidate must be a team player, and must have a positive, "can do" attitude. The candidate must have good organizational skills and must be able to work simultaneously on several projects.


Preferred Degree's are as follows: B.S. Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Aerospace, Nuclear, Electrical, or Ocean Engineering. Other degree plans are accepted as deemed appropriate by AIMS Management, however a college degree is a requirement.




The candidate should be able to speak, read, write and comprehend English and also be able to speak with confidence to small groups of people.


All required math for his or her graduation program, and at a minimum must understand basic mathematical principles including Trigonometry, Geometry, and Algebra.


The candidate shall have taken and passed the EIT, or is planning to take it in the near future. Exceptions only apply if waived by management, in the form of a job offer signed by Management.


Light to moderate physical demands will be encountered when travelling offshore or into the field. The candidate should be able to easily handle 75 pounds of bulk weight and must be able to hold his or her body weight while swinging on a rope.


The work environment at AIMS does move at a fast pace. It is casual, yet professional.

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