ENC Security Fence System


ENC Security Fence System




FRP fencing can be used in place of metal fencing anywhere and is advantageous in areas with corrosion or conductivity concerns. The FRP fencing materials are fire retardant, non-corrosive, non-conductive, invisible to radar, and act as a visibility and security barrier.



The fencing is made from molded FRP panels. It is light-weight, fire-retardant, corrosion-resistant and has a very high dielectric strength (non-conductive). The hardware used to fasten it can be either FRP, plastic, or typical galvanized steel bolts. Posts are made from structural FRP shapes, while the hinges and latches for gates are made from galvanized steel. The FRP panels can also be used as isolation panels for metallic fences. The standard fence design is 6’ x 8’ and can withstand wind speeds of 140 mph based on ASCE 7-10. The versatile design has the ability to fit any fencing application.



The AIMS FRP Fence combines non-conductivity and security into an easy-to-install solution for the energy, air, marine, transportation, and other industries. Threaded fasteners, bolt through the panels and tighten securely using AIMS panel plugs. All nuts are located behind the fence, making criminal access nearly impossible.

When criminals typically attempt to gain access through a chain-link or steel fence, they use cutters and/or cutting torches. These tools are useless against AIMS ENC Security Fence System. Additionally, if a criminal manages to cut a hole in chain-link fencing, they can remove items larger than the hole simply by expanding the chain-link fence. This is impossible with the AIMS ENC Security fence, since a hole created in the AIMS ENC Security Fence System only allows for the extraction of items smaller than the hole.

The AIMS FRP Fence can be installed as new or retrofit construction and steel posts can be used depending upon the recommendation from your grounding engineer, who must assess and approve the final specification. Non-metallic, anti-corrosion and non-conductive fence components are available. The materials and information contained herein are designed as a guideline for selecting and planning a non-conductive barrier.

The AIMS system can accommodate different framework shapes – round, square, T-post, and H-post.



Features of AIMS "ENC" Fence System

1. Quick and easy to install
2. Electrically non-conductive
3. Isolation panels for metal fencing
4. Transparent to radars and microwave transmissions
5. Corrosion-resistant
6. Available in multiple colors (for visibility and aesthetics)
7. Multiple sizes, shapes and mesh types available
8. Can be designed to have low to no visibility
9. Fire retardant
10. Anti-climb, anti-cut and anti-torch
11. Anti-corrosion
12. Lower labor and tooling costs
13. Can withstand hurricane wind speeds and forces (ASCE 7-10)
14. Minimal amount of maintenance required (ASCE 7-10)
15. Very lightweight materials
16. Personnel, single, or double door gates can be easily installed

Diamond Mesh

Non-Conductive Diamond Mesh

The popular Diamond Mesh design is compatible with the Cantilever Razor Wire option and is available in multiple colors for architectural design applications.

Square Mesh

Non-Conductive Square Mesh

Our standard Square Mesh security fence design is available in 4’ x 10’ or 12’ sheets, making it a versatile option to cover both high and low areas prone to washouts. All of our designs accept our standard ECN hardware and Gate designs.

Louvered with Razor Wire

Louvered Design with Constantine Razor Wire

Our Louvered design is widely utilized in hazardous industrial applications offshore and onshore. A Louvered “Lite” version is also available for other Industrial applications and other security options are available.

Non-Conductive Sturdy MudMat Design

Non-Conductive Sturdy MudMat Design

This design is extremely durable, rugged, and versatile for various height and width applications. The product is easy to install quickly and has options for adding a Foam Sound Barrier Back on the side sealed with a ¼” solid plate.

Square Plate Rugged

Non-Conductive Square Plate Rugged Surface

Our standard offshore wall with 1” grating behind the ¼” Grit Plate Solid Surface is a perfect solution for difficult areas. Constantine Razor Wire can be added to this design.

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